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White iPhone 4 available soon!

I love the Apple marketing look and feel. The “glossy white plastic” meme embodies Web 2.0, high tech, and style all at the same time.  Combine that with dancing silhouettes and you have a formula for an iconic corporate image that’s as easily recognizable today as the Coca Cola logo. Interestingly enough, Apple’s “brand” is […]

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Top 5 iPhone 5 Features from the rumor mill!

Well, after a stormy weekend and some mild gastrointestinal acrobatics, I limp back to my blog today.  Recently, my friend told me I was too negative when it came to the iPhone. He told me I never posted anything positive about it.  I pointed out to him that you have to read my blog every […]

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Won’t you think of the kitties?

Seems this week is ending on whimper despite such promising blurbs in the mobile industry.  We’ll get to the kitty cats in a moment, but first…. The ATT T-Mobile Mega Deal We still had information fallout of the ATT + TMobile announcement.  Details are coming in like Sprint isn’t happy about it. No. Not one […]

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