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GitHub action Journey – Part 1

I have a project and I’m working to setup CI CD on a server – and I want to use github actions. This is for a dev environment, of course. However – my project uses Entity Framework with MqSql. Web Deploy with DB updates and migrations – I can see a problem here. So – […]

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Note to Self: Newer IE versions don’t like self signed certs

When newer versions of IE won’t let you forcibly accept an SSL cert, only allowing you to close the tab, here’s an answer that’s working for me here:… 1. Go to “run” -> gpedit.msc 2. Under Computer configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer -> Internet Control Panel 3. Under Prevent ignoring certificate error (set to disable even though it’s set to undefined). This is […]

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A formula for a great vacation

Spend a little extra. Travel with friends you enjoy just hanging out. Rent a house and (importantly), hire a chef. Make sure your chef cooks dinner on your last night there. When you arrive, no matter who made what effort or paid for this or that, draw straws for rooms. Hire a driver from the […]

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