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NASA Images available on Flickr!

Sweet.  Having grown up wanting to be an astronaut, I’m a fan almost all things NASA. Well, NASA has put three compilations of historic images up on Flickr. There, you can see some great images and even use them in your blog. The images are available via, but now the images are also located […]

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The $5 e-commerce experiment–Videos

What would you do for $5?  There’s a website called where people post what they’ll do for $5.  You can participate too. Here are some videos of people doing things for only $5. Yep – a list of 5 things you get for $5 online. Which would you choose? I like the puppet show! […]

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Ballmer says MS is bullish on tablets

Thursday, Ballmer told a group of analysts that Microsoft was going after the tablet market. He told them “We have got to make things happen.” Duh. Microsoft has always been a little late to the technology table, but under Gate’s leadership the geeks seemed to have ruled the hallways.  Thus, Microsoft would scrap it out. […]

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