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Nest and Google

The one thing that stuck out to me about Nest was how much the design embodied Apple’s, or should I say Steve Jobs’, philosophy. Simplicity, elegance, purposeful. I know Nest was started by former Apple employees Matt Rogers and Tony Fadell. These two designers were heavily involved with the iPod. Frankly, I think these two […]

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How I got into Google+ early and am in love with it.

So Google+ initially was just another Google beta that only Googlers and their high-school friends had access to. I didn’t know much about it nor had I heard anything earth shattering. I remembered Google Buzz and my disappointment with what it was and how I used it.  It never really became the email replacement it […]

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Sprint is showing some customer love and will allow removal of pre-installed apps on Android phones.

The HTC EVO 3D, like most smartphones, comes with pre-installed apps. Some users may like these apps while others may despise them. Generally, however, the customer is stuck with them.  Yesterday, people started noticing that these pre-installed apps could be uninstalled. Traditionally, to rid these apps off your phone, you’d need to gain root level […]

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