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Won’t you think of the kitties?

Seems this week is ending on whimper despite such promising blurbs in the mobile industry.  We’ll get to the kitty cats in a moment, but first…. The ATT T-Mobile Mega Deal We still had information fallout of the ATT + TMobile announcement.  Details are coming in like Sprint isn’t happy about it. No. Not one […]

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Apps Shouldn’t Collect Unnecessary Data & Share it with 3rd Parties.

If you missed it, the fact that some app developers gather unique information about you and sell it is becoming a pretty big deal. In fact, someone it making a federal case out of it.  How much fun is this? Especially after we learned that Verizon customers were part of the hoard of people exposed […]

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Is lightning striking at Verizon?

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone right now. Yes, Android has a larger market share but there is no single Android phone that is more popular than the iPhone. IPhones are like storm troopers; every one the same, dutifully marching towards domination of the industry. The Verizon iPhone (which I’ll call the vPhone) has […]

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