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Manage jobs by exception with

Meet PushMon. alerts you if something doesn’t happen. Specifically, it alerts you if your custom URL isn’t hit on user defined conditions. For example, you can create a custom URL and tell PushMon to alert you if it has not been access by 5:00AM CST daily. In your server jobs, you simply send a […]

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Listen to Wikipedia. No really, it’s actually very cool.

So over at they are publishing a data representation tool that derives graphics and sound from real time activity on Wikipedia. It draws colored circles of various sizes and colors while also playing a sound that represents certain activity. Bells are subtractions while strings are additions. Purple circles are bots while white circles are […]

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The RavPower RP-WD01 is the vacation companion device you need

My wife and I don’t own a $1000 SLR digital camera. Instead, we have travel cameras that are small and use SD Cards for storage. We have a Samsung we like as well as a Kodak PlaySport that is due to be replaced.  When we travel, we’ll take a laptop for emergencies, but almost everything […]

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