Inzi is a word meaning “me”, or “I” in the Kenyan language of Logooli. This reflects our overall approach to the mobile experience.

InzI.com was founded with the philosophy that mobile equals personal. That the mobile experience is not necessarily a global interaction. We believe the mobile app economy revolves around the user experience, and that the user can and should be able to control their level of involvement. Some of our products are noble, some are fun, and some are funny.  No matter what, we want to make a product you find useful and engaging.

It’s also the word for “fly” in Swahili. As in the insect, which we also find entirely appropriate as we’re a small company based in the North Texas area.

There are other interesting translations of the word inzi.

  • In Italian, it means beginning or begin
  • It’s another nickname of Inzamam-ul-Haq, who also goes by Inzy

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