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UK rules that open standards must be royalty free

This is a positive development in the realm of intellectual property. Lately, large tech companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Google, and Apple have pushed standards bodies to adopt their technology as standards.  Such actions are blatantly contrary to the spirit of standards. Now, in the UK, an open standard is defined as royalty free.  Basically, this […]

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Google says “no, you can’t farm rankings…”

  If you’re like me, content farms make finding answers online that much harder. They drive me nuts, polluting searches will meaningless, useless, boilerplate content.   What is a content farm?   A content farm is a type of web site where all the content has hyperlinks to itself and other sites owned by the […]

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Android phone price drops compete with $49 iPhone

  UPDATE: This is not at Verizon, these deals are at this Verizon Reseller’s website. Click here. Remember, when AT&T dropped the price on the iPhone 3Gs to $49? Well, Tiger Direct dropped an email alert to me today pimping $0.00 Android phones. Yep, an Android based Smartphone for Free. First, the Droid X by […]

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