09 Feb 2022

GitHub action Journey – Part 1

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I have a project and I’m working to setup CI CD on a server – and I want to use github actions.

This is for a dev environment, of course.

However – my project uses Entity Framework with MqSql. Web Deploy with DB updates and migrations – I can see a problem here.

So – My goal is to setup a powershell scripts that post build will copy my migration utility to the server, then run that on the database.

First, I needed SSL certs. Enter Posh-ACME! Excellent tool for using free wildcard certs.

You can find it here:

Next, was the remote powershell. I won’t go into the details on setting up listeners – but here’s a great getting started post about it.

However, if you have an SSL certificate already, you don’t need to use a self signed certificate as mentioned in the blog. Instead…

You can use one of your free certificates like this:

First, get all the certificates via powershell like this:

Get-ChildItem Cert:\Localmachine\My

Then, you can use the fingerprint to tell your HTTPS listener to use is like this:

$cert = Get-ChildItem -Path cert:\Localmachine\My\<the thumbprint for your ssl cert>
New-Item -Path WSMan:\Localhost\Listener -Transport HTTPS -Address * -CertificateThumbPrint $Cert.Thumbprint -Force

Since the cert can be verified – from your remote machine that you’ve allowed through your firewall, you can now script remote powershell commands.

So my postbuild script will get my migration build on the server, then remote in, stop the site, run migrations, and restart the site.

25 Sep 2015

Note to Self: Newer IE versions don’t like self signed certs

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MSEdgeLOGOWhen newer versions of IE won’t let you forcibly accept an SSL cert, only allowing you to close the tab, here’s an answer that’s working for me here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums…

1. Go to “run” -> gpedit.msc
2. Under Computer configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer -> Internet Control Panel
3. Under Prevent ignoring certificate error (set to disable even though it’s set to undefined).

This is helpful if you are accessing devices that use SSL right out of the box. Normally, I’d use Chrome or another browser, but sometimes you run into something that’s IE specific… like an older Dell IPMI interface, or the like.

15 May 2015

A formula for a great vacation

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Spend a little extra. Travel with friends you enjoy just hanging out. Rent a house and (importantly), hire a chef. Make sure your chef cooks dinner on your last night there. When you arrive, no matter who made what effort or paid for this or that, draw straws for rooms. Hire a driver from the airport to your house rental. Tip the driver to help you grocery shop. Pack condiments from where you live; they taste different in other places. Have activities for genders, couples, and the group. (golf / spa, day trip romantic getaways, dinner / music for group).

We’ve applied this formula in many, many places and always have a great time. Four couples seems to be the magic number for us.

VRBO is a great place to find houses to rent, but be very careful of the location. Google earth is your friend. Always check with references if you can. Spending more can really make your vacation a once in a lifetime experience.

Would you spend $200 a night at a 5 star hotel? Split that 8 ways and get a luxurious house!

May I suggest: http://www.vrbo.com/3908373ha


villa palmilla

We’ve stayed in a villa in that same place – it was amazing. Some of the beaches are great – but it’s the whale watching, dining, and boating that make it great. It’s a 1.5 hour charter from Cabo San Lucas; which is a cool way day trip.

It’s about a four hour flight from Dallas / Ft. Worth Texas.

We tend to plan very little because it seems you never know the mood when you hit the ground. Shopping or some paid excursion may sound awesome until the vibe of the pool and the breakfast drinks set the pace for the day.

Our formula is to never schedule in advance, just check it out when we get there. Usually, by noon – we’re all having fun doing whatever that it’s the experience with friends that makes the trip.