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The iPhone 5’s 64GB SSD that’s smaller than a quarter?

    Update (Oct 1, 2013) – Please note, this blog post was written before the release of the iPhone 4s, widely speculated to be called the iPhone 5. Thanks! Foremay announced an extremely small SSD today. How small? How about slightly smaller than a quarter.  Although 64GB doesn’t really compare to the 2 TB […]

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Samsung’s new tablets make it about the OS.

For a while Samsung has been teasing us all with the 78910 tagline for its unboxing yesterday. There was a lot of speculation about what it meant, but the general consensus was that it stood for a 7”, 8.9”, and 10” tablet lineup.  That turned out to be right. On a side note, did you […]

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Startup lets you keep your day job!

Two of my friends just started a new startup called KickoffLabs. If you have an idea but need to keep your day job because you’re homeless adverse, then KickoffLabs is working on a way to help. Mr. Watermasysk and Mr. Ledgard are seasoned technology professionals, especially in the social realm. I had the pleasure of […]

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