29 Mar 2011

The iPhone 5’s 64GB SSD that’s smaller than a quarter?

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Update (Oct 1, 2013) – Please note, this blog post was written before the release of the iPhone 4s, widely speculated to be called the iPhone 5. Thanks!

foremayForemay announced an extremely small SSD today. How small? How about slightly smaller than a quarter.  Although 64GB doesn’t really compare to the 2 TB 3.5 inch hard drive you have in your desktop, it is still an impressive delivery of storage and an ultra compact design.

You have to consider what the delivery of such a storage medium means in today’s ultra-mobile lifestyle. This is not a first world only product. Foremay may end up delivering millions of these devices to manufacturers all over the world.

Today’s mobile devices usually come with some amount of internal storage. Additionally, you sometimes have a microSD slot to pop in an extra 16 GB here and there.  So why should you care about a 3/4” SSD with only 64GB of space?

musicdroidWhat the delivery of this is, conceptually, is a disk on a chip. These oversize chips can be soldered directly onto motherboards or circuit boards.  In this capacity, your refrigerator could run Windows or Linux with ease.  Or your iPhone, which is rumored to be coming in the fall, may get a little storage breathing room.

The OC177 DOC SSD supports both IDE and SATA host interfaces and is currently available in 32 GB capacity. The 64 GB drives are also supposed to arrive this fall (Coincidence?).  The drives sport read and write speeds of 70 MBps and 40 MBps, respectively.

For reference, this is much faster than even the fastest SD card whose speeds top out around 10 MBps.  Considering that this is to be delivered this fall, could it be that this will be the storage for the Apple iPhone 5?

It’d be a nice bump in both capacity and performance.  Many people have complained about the limitations of the flash storage currently in the iPhone, and there are rumors that the iPhone 5 will have 64GB of storage.

imageForemay’s delivery just happens to be around the same time as the delivery of the iPhone 5.  If the iPhone 5 DOES come with 64GB of capacity but it is traditional flash storage, watch out for ultra fast mobile devices comparing their much higher IO storage to that of the iPhone.

I hope the iPhone 5 comes with larger, faster storage, and it seems this disk on a chip just might be a great solution.

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