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Turn Based Mobile Multiplayer Game Feedback Sought

I have an upcoming multiplayer mobile strategy game I’m almost done with – and I was thinking about how I’m doing multiplayer. Summary: Instead of a player making a move, something happening, then the next player making a move, something happens when everyone completes their move. Effectively, everyone can connect and make their moves. Once […]

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epath.exe: View %PATH% broken out in lines from the command prompt

Sometimes when I’m fighting some issue on Windows, I have to examine the PATH to make sure the JAVA path is setup right, or that certain folders show up before others. %PATH% can become a tangled mess of various folders and variables that makes parsing it from the command prompt a pain the rear. If […]

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Have some more free phone notification sounds

Here’s another batch of phone notification sounds.  There are some that may work as ring tones. Either way, here are some more sounds for your phone. Enjoy! Download: Inzi Phone Notification Sounds 2 The first batch of sounds is found by clicking here.

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