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Listen to Wikipedia. No really, it’s actually very cool.

So over at they are publishing a data representation tool that derives graphics and sound from real time activity on Wikipedia. It draws colored circles of various sizes and colors while also playing a sound that represents certain activity. Bells are subtractions while strings are additions. Purple circles are bots while white circles are […]

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The RavPower RP-WD01 is the vacation companion device you need

My wife and I don’t own a $1000 SLR digital camera. Instead, we have travel cameras that are small and use SD Cards for storage. We have a Samsung we like as well as a Kodak PlaySport that is due to be replaced.  When we travel, we’ll take a laptop for emergencies, but almost everything […]

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Sprint is showing some customer love and will allow removal of pre-installed apps on Android phones.

The HTC EVO 3D, like most smartphones, comes with pre-installed apps. Some users may like these apps while others may despise them. Generally, however, the customer is stuck with them.  Yesterday, people started noticing that these pre-installed apps could be uninstalled. Traditionally, to rid these apps off your phone, you’d need to gain root level […]

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