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Three Big Lessons from Cloud hype & Sony vs. Anonymous

A hacker (as in, tinkerer) figured out a way to turn a Sony PlayStation into a computer.  On Jan 22, 2010 GeoHot figured out how to get around the digital locks on the PlayStation. He documented the process on his blog and many people watched with earnest. Sony did not find this funny. George shared […]

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Tweet, Blog, or Link and you just might win a gadget.

I’ve been running some ad campaigns for Dream Player. However, I think I’ll try a different approach over the next few weeks.  Rather than advertise on Facebook and Google, maybe someone would like a free Android device. Why not?  Nothing ventured nothing gained. I’m going to give away an Archos 28 Internet tablet.  Keep reading […]

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A long 3 day week

Monday was stormy. Tuesday was sickly. Wednesday was busy. Thursday was unproductive and I poured hot coffee all over myself. Today is Friday, so it’s all good. A new version of Gimp is out.  What is Gimp? A free graphics program like Photoshop. I used to be a Photoshop user back in the days when […]

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