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Talk about a slow news day…

Today’s news scroll just feels soft to me.  There are iPhone rumors, developers griping about Android “fragmentation”, and Google ponying up almost $1 Billion in a bid for Nortel’s patent portfolio. As far as the iPhone 5 goes, it’s coming. We all know it’s coming. It’s going to be for sale at some point before […]

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Foxconn losses and busting thieves!

Yeah, I know it is April Fools day, and the jokes are flying around like poo in the monkey cage at the zoo.  I decided I’d pull my jokes somewhere else. Instead, I wanted to bring to your attention that Foxconn posted a surprising $218.3m loss. Foxconn, if you didn’t know, is the largest assembler […]

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1Gbps delivered by Google, not AT&T. Of course.

Google picked Kansas City for the Google Fiber Project and said it would roll out the 1Gbps internet access there first.  Kansas City, KS was picked out of about 1,100 candidates.  The connections should go live in 2012 as long as the Board of Commissioners signs onboard. Google also said they haven’t ruled out other […]

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