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Have some more free phone notification sounds

Here’s another batch of phone notification sounds.  There are some that may work as ring tones. Either way, here are some more sounds for your phone. Enjoy! Download: Inzi Phone Notification Sounds 2 The first batch of sounds is found by clicking here.

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Rechargeable AA batteries that use your USB port

So check out these AA batteries that plug into a USB port and charge.   You pop off those green lids and put them into a USB port! They fully charge in about 5 hours. Not the quickest but great if you need AA while on the go! They have a built in charger so […]

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Manage jobs by exception with

Meet PushMon. alerts you if something doesn’t happen. Specifically, it alerts you if your custom URL isn’t hit on user defined conditions. For example, you can create a custom URL and tell PushMon to alert you if it has not been access by 5:00AM CST daily. In your server jobs, you simply send a […]

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