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Top Four ways to protect yourself from NFC hackers.

NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communication.  It’s a fancy way of describing radio frequency based communication over a very short distance.  If you grew up in the 80s and ever got some of those really cheap CB walkie-talkies, you know a thing or two about RF over short distances. With NFC, we’re talking […]

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$1 Billion Open Source and Google getting it…

I like Ubuntu because I like Debian. Debian, to me, always seemed more logical and software dependency resolution built into synaptic made life easier. RPM files made me pull my hair out. Hey, I never claimed to be a Linux guru, and I’ve tried to switch over to it on numerous occasion.  In the world […]

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Hi Motorola! I love you, now please shut up.

First, let me disclose that I am a Motorola stockholder. Let me follow that up by saying Information Week is reporting probably the dumbest news Motorola could let out right now. My mouse is hovering over the button to short their stock as I try and figure out what the hell they’re doing. According to […]

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