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Anticipation: from ketchup to the slimmest slate of them all?

So I’m a little busy lately trying to push this project out the door. Thanks to my beta testers, I still need more so if you have an Android device please fill out the contact info. Anyway, I saw this new teaser from Samsung for the 8.9” Galaxy Tab. Next week is the CTIA’s Wireless […]

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iPad 2 Graphics Much Faster Than iPad 1, Motorola Xoom

Well, the reports are coming in and the iPad 2 seems to have some killer graphics capabilities.  Although it had no drastic improvements over the original iPad, it’s a full 3rd thinner and a little lighter. One thing that’s really impressive about the iPad 2 is the reported graphics benchmarks. Our friends at AnandTech have […]

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Apple Store iPad 2 lines and What “loser” will have an original iPad at SXSW?

Traditionally, Apple has stolen a lot of thunder from competitors by releasing their products before trade shows and conventions. Then, during the opening days of the convention, throwing juicy sales figures onto the PR wire to steal headlines.  The press are in overdrive anyway, and when this meat gets thrown into the frenzy it gives […]

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