14 Apr 2011

White iPhone 4 available soon!

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I love the Apple marketing look and feel. The “glossy white plastic” meme embodies Web 2.0, high tech, and style all at the same time.  Combine that with dancing silhouettes and you have a formula for an iconic corporate image that’s as easily recognizable today as the Coca Cola logo.

imageInterestingly enough, Apple’s “brand” is more of an emotion. An desirable emotion seemly just beyond the grasp of the consumer. Part cool, part different, part “living the dream”.  Apple’s marketing strives to show us what technology is about. It’s not about the technology, it’s about using the technology.

Apple is so much better than Android manufacturers at selling the genie in the bottle.

It’s like the emotion you have as a kid after seeing a movie you really enjoyed. You walked out of the theater wanting to carry the emotion and feeling with you; it inspired you.

In the end. I think that’s what Apple markets and sells. Inspiration.

Until Android manufacturers can find something better to put in their bottle, Apple will retain their dominance in the smartphone market despite Android’s growth.  I’ve been wrong before, but until owning an iPhone is not the status symbol it is today I don’t see this changing.

So, if you want to own a little bit of that Apple inspiration in a bottle; soon you’ll be able to. The white iPhone 4, in all it’s THX 1138 glory will be available soon according to reports.  The LA Times equates the White iPhone to unicorns and Loch Ness. 

It looks to be fantasy no more, Bloomberg is reporting it will be available in a few weeks after a 10 month delay. Bloomberg also flat out says Apple won’t be unveiling the new iPhone in June. It doesn’t, though, shed any new light on the unspecified manufacturing trouble Apple experienced with the White iPhone 4, other than a brief mention of a sensor issue. Either way, this ought to spur some fresh iPhone sales.

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