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Google says “no, you can’t farm rankings…”

  If you’re like me, content farms make finding answers online that much harder. They drive me nuts, polluting searches will meaningless, useless, boilerplate content.   What is a content farm?   A content farm is a type of web site where all the content has hyperlinks to itself and other sites owned by the […]

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Is 3-2-11 the day Apple announces the iPad 2?

Is Wednesday, March the second the day Apple unveils the iPad2? We’ll see – because Apple is holding an event that day in San Francisco. Kara Swisher of All Things D writes that it’ll actually be demoed! There’s a ton of rumors going around so it’ll be D-Day for the what Apple will actually be […]

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The Verizon iPhone!

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT   Ok, it’s official – the Verizon iPhone is coming.  AT&T’s exclusivity deal is over, and after bitching and moaning about how crappy AT&T service is, all the iPhone users can take their business to Verizon. Will this be the saving grace of the iPhone? Time will tell. Verizon’s […]

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