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$49 bucks for an iPhone 3GS

In case you missed it, AT&T cut the price of the iPhone 3GS to $49. Click here if you need one! That’s a great deal on a great smartphone. I wonder which carrier will have a competing Android phone in this space? This in preparation of an impending Verizon iPhone announcement?

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From Walmart HDTV to tap dancer…

I’d never heard of Vizio until they started selling a bunch of HDTVs at Walmart.  A few years ago the Vizio’s began to fill the back wall at my local Walmart. Their cheap prices causing me to contemplate begging my wife for a man cave. However, Vizio recently announced that they’re getting into the Smartphone […]

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Android and iOS battle it out

Android is gaining on iOS in terms of new smartphone sales. Nielsen’s latest smartphone market share survey from November of 2010 shows the iPhone is still #1 when it comes to smartphone market share. However, Android is now tied for 2nd place with RIM’s Blackberry.  That’s an increase of 6% from October 2010. 6%!!! What […]

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