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Top 10 Stories and Succinct Spiels

This week had some pretty interesting developments!  From the iPad2, an Android Trojan, and early press blitzes from SXSW.  It’s Friday, I’m behind on my projects, and I broke one of my data classes last night.  So after a quick firewall fix, I’m heads down. However, here’s some of the stuff that caught my eye: […]

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Blasphemy or realist: The iPad 2 is…

Ok, so Apple took the wraps off the iPad 2.  At lunch today, my friends and I watched the live coverage via scrolling posts and snapshots taken of the event.  We did this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android, the irony did not pass me by. Here’s the root of it: – On March […]

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UK rules that open standards must be royalty free

This is a positive development in the realm of intellectual property. Lately, large tech companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Google, and Apple have pushed standards bodies to adopt their technology as standards.  Such actions are blatantly contrary to the spirit of standards. Now, in the UK, an open standard is defined as royalty free.  Basically, this […]

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