06 Sep 2010

iTunes’ Ping full of tasty spam…

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Apple’s road to social dominance is hindered by potholes full of mushy, salty, meat-stuff goodness.

The Sophos blog says a bunch of spam links are pouring into Ping.

Apple has had some issues rolling out updates lately. They had issues with Facebook Connect, policy issues, and reported problems for international access.

The spam is showing up in comments.  What a pain in the ear – no tun inpended.  Spam sucks when it clogs your mail like a hotdog clogs the veins of the old SNL Chicago Bears parody fans.

Why would Apple, the “king of user experience” not think to put some anti-spam stuff in place? It’s not like they don’t have the resources.

31 Aug 2010

NASA Images available on Flickr!

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Sweet.  Having grown up wanting to be an astronaut, I’m a fan almost all things NASA.

Well, NASA has put three compilations of historic images up on Flickr.

There, you can see some great images and even use them in your blog.

The images are available via NASAimages.org, but now the imagesearthyouarehere are also located in The Commons on Flickr also. They can be tagged, annotated, and have keywords assigned to them.

Like this earth here. A little work in gimp and I’m providing with an accurate and timely indication of your exact location.

Aren’t I helpful?

02 Aug 2010

The $5 e-commerce experiment–Videos

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imageWhat would you do for $5?  There’s a website called fiverr.com where people post what they’ll do for $5.  You can participate too.

Here are some videos of people doing things for only $5.

Yep – a list of 5 things you get for $5 online.

Which would you choose? I like the puppet show!


  • Someone will plant a tree in their garden for you
    • Have someone sing a song for you
  • Rent 3”x3” property
  • Put on a puppet show
  • Have an animated cat sing say something.