03 Dec 2010

Engadget posts some videos on the Sony PlayStation phone

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Today, power blog Engadget posted some videos of the Sony PlayStation phone.  Codenamed Zeus Z1, will this be the new “PlayStation”? All I can say is dang, I would *love* to play with one of these.

The full store here here!

12 Nov 2010

Add a keyboard to your iPhone!

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Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like the iPhone on-screen keyboard.  I get absolutely venomous at the blackberry keyboard, also. So call me the mobile-input tyrant. Personally, I’m very picky when it comes to input mechanism.

I currently have an HTC hero with Sprint. I like the phone and the slide out keyboard.  It’s based on windows mobile. It has some cool features but the phone feels sluggish.

Well, I found this on think-geek. It’s a iPhone case with a keyboard.  Pretty simple idea.

There are two models depending on which iPhone you have.  I thinkiphonekeyboard it uses Bluetooth. I bought some as gifts for the holidays. They feel very light and its not obvious to me how to connect them.

It fits the phone like a case and the keyboard doesn’t slide out, it swings out. 

So, if you’re on that commuter flight and need to crank some emails but don’t feel like digging your laptop out – maybe pull the case out of the side pocket, snap your iPhone in it, and catch up on all those emails while you’re in the air.

I’m sure all your friends and co-workers will appreciate the touchdown spam and be astounded by your iPhone input prowess!

12 Oct 2010

A great example of learning from other people’s mistakes, or not?

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Microsoft’s WP7 is going to have copy and paste. Unlike the anguished iPhone early adopters, WP7 users won’t have to beg for this functionality.  When the iPhone came out, many of the people I worked with rushed out to get the holy-grail phone.

I could hear the moans and bitching up and down the hallway about how much it sucked they could copy and paste with their iPhones. Some jail broke their phones to get 3rd party tools to get around this.

imageMy questions to them was (and it didn’t win me that many fans) why did you buy the dang thing then? Smile

Well, Redmond heard the cries and is working avoid them.  At the launch yesterday- they announced true copy and paste support to WP7 in early 2011. 

My question to MS is what are you thinking? This is 2010. Copy and Paste has been around a long time.  User’s expect this and your late to the party with an updated smart phone strategy.  Ballmer and his buddies let the mobile OS team wither on the vine while they played golf and worked up a good sweat.


We’ll have to see how the WP7 platform does. If Microsoft is smart, they’ll take everything they learned from being the only major player in the smart phone market and combine it with the new market landscape.

I was an early adopter, buying my first Compaq iPaq while working as a software developer. I was so excited about the technology back then. Too bad we had to wait this long for the market to go mainstream.