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Will PhoneGap apps seemingly suck because of UIWebView in iOS 4.3?

So Blaze Software made some headlines touting that in a recent browser speed tests, Android was faster than iPhone by a fairly large margin. Apple said non-sense, because you didn’t use Safari in your tests. Blaze put a UIWebView control in an app and used it to do the tests.  Which opened up another can […]

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Don’t just delete files and folders with personal data. Erase them with a FOSS tool.

If you have a hard drive and you want to make sure you do more than delete your data off of it, there’s a nice tool to take care of this. But first, deleting a file doesn’t actually erase the data, it only makes the file invisible to the operating system so it can reuse […]

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Anticipation: from ketchup to the slimmest slate of them all?

So I’m a little busy lately trying to push this project out the door. Thanks to my beta testers, I still need more so if you have an Android device please fill out the contact info. Anyway, I saw this new teaser from Samsung for the 8.9” Galaxy Tab. Next week is the CTIA’s Wireless […]

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