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HTC = Heady Tablet Computing!

I used to have an HTC Mogul phone. It was windows based and I loved the attention to detail HTC made when it came to UI design.  Things like a windshield wiper when weather said it was raining, or lazy clouds drifting in front of the sun or moon.  One thing that drove me nuts […]

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Apparently, Android Fragmentation is a bunch of FUD.

I develop for both the Android the iPhone platforms in Java and Objective-C. When it comes to Android, I’ve always considered Android 1.6 (API level 4) a good development target because so many devices were released with that version and I was ensured my apps would work going forward.  However, perhaps the inexpensive phones are […]

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Top 5 reasons the #3 smartphone is the #1 target for app developers

I certainly don’t hide my preference for Android over iOS, but that certainly doesn’t mean I don’t like Apple products.  I prefer an open platform, with all its risks and shortcomings, over the walled garden model. Despite the recent malware scare that’s making headlines, the Android platform has passed palm and is now the #1 […]

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