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Windows Live Writer Image Layout solved

I’ve found my solution to getting better image and text layout behavior in Windows Live Writer. I found a a site with a helpful hint. It seems the author has several tips.  Click on the image to visit the blog. If you’re new to blogging, here’s how to get those pesky images to line up […]

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Blogging with Windows Live Writer

Since I need to create content for our blog – I’ve been experimenting with ways to blog efficiently.  I wrote a blog post using voice recognition. It worked, but it didn’t really feel like the best way to go about it.  I remembered a few years ago that many of the bloggers within the Microsoft […]

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The $5 e-commerce experiment–Videos

What would you do for $5?  There’s a website called where people post what they’ll do for $5.  You can participate too. Here are some videos of people doing things for only $5. Yep – a list of 5 things you get for $5 online. Which would you choose? I like the puppet show! […]

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