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Nest and Google

The one thing that stuck out to me about Nest was how much the design embodied Apple’s, or should I say Steve Jobs’, philosophy. Simplicity, elegance, purposeful. I know Nest was started by former Apple employees Matt Rogers and Tony Fadell. These two designers were heavily involved with the iPod. Frankly, I think these two […]

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Conquer the infamous Velveeta Shells-n-Cheese packet

I can’t help myself. I love to mix various things into macaroni and cheese. My current favorite “macaroni and cheese” product is Velveeta’s Shells-n-Cheese. I’ll mix almost anything into it. Such as a can of strained tuna, or hot sauce, or chili, or stewed tomatoes, or bacon, or almost anything else. Wrangling the cheese packet, […]

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epath.exe: View %PATH% broken out in lines from the command prompt

Sometimes when I’m fighting some issue on Windows, I have to examine the PATH to make sure the JAVA path is setup right, or that certain folders show up before others. %PATH% can become a tangled mess of various folders and variables that makes parsing it from the command prompt a pain the rear. If […]

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