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Windows and the set in stone Unidentified Network

Microsoft, in their infinite “wisdom” makes networks without reachable gateways “unidentified” and it won’t let you change it. Simple enough – just set the default gateway on the interface to a reachable IP that windows can ping. Bang – solved.

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Note To Self: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit installing on bootcamp

You can have issues – but the best way is to use an 8GB USB drive. The next step is to let the wizard build the USB drive and copy the apple software to the device. But don’t let it do the install, just yet. Instead, leave that unchecked. Once it’s done, download this: […]

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Turn Based Mobile Multiplayer Game Feedback Sought

I have an upcoming multiplayer mobile strategy game I’m almost done with – and I was thinking about how I’m doing multiplayer. Summary: Instead of a player making a move, something happening, then the next player making a move, something happens when everyone completes their move. Effectively, everyone can connect and make their moves. Once […]

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