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Startup lets you keep your day job!

Two of my friends just started a new startup called KickoffLabs. If you have an idea but need to keep your day job because you’re homeless adverse, then KickoffLabs is working on a way to help. Mr. Watermasysk and Mr. Ledgard are seasoned technology professionals, especially in the social realm. I had the pleasure of […]

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Will PhoneGap apps seemingly suck because of UIWebView in iOS 4.3?

So Blaze Software made some headlines touting that in a recent browser speed tests, Android was faster than iPhone by a fairly large margin. Apple said non-sense, because you didn’t use Safari in your tests. Blaze put a UIWebView control in an app and used it to do the tests.  Which opened up another can […]

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Apparently, Android Fragmentation is a bunch of FUD.

I develop for both the Android the iPhone platforms in Java and Objective-C. When it comes to Android, I’ve always considered Android 1.6 (API level 4) a good development target because so many devices were released with that version and I was ensured my apps would work going forward.  However, perhaps the inexpensive phones are […]

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