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Turn Based Mobile Multiplayer Game Feedback Sought

I have an upcoming multiplayer mobile strategy game I’m almost done with – and I was thinking about how I’m doing multiplayer. Summary: Instead of a player making a move, something happening, then the next player making a move, something happens when everyone completes their move. Effectively, everyone can connect and make their moves. Once […]

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My evolving windows WordPress & MySQL backup script.

Backing up WordPress can be a pain on the windows platform. Some plug-ins work, some don’t, maybe you need a mixture of this or that. There are commercial options, some a great, some not so much.  After trying various options, I broke down and decided to create a process to backup WordPress on Windows. This […]

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A cool way to localize your Android app

Dream Player from is a Android only audio book player that we released yesterday. If you’ve not tried it, please give it a whirl!  One thing I really wanted to do with this application was to localize it as broadly as I could. English, however, is the only language I know. All the space […]

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