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The Run-n-read. Not a bad idea at all

One guy says he’d using while jogging.. I hope he means jogging on a treadmill… These guys are looking for funding for a small device with an accelerometer in it that you wear while running (on aforementioned treadmill).  As your head moves, an app on your reader moves the text with it. A doctor tried […]

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Rechargeable AA batteries that use your USB port

So check out these AA batteries that plug into a USB port and charge.   You pop off those green lids and put them into a USB port! They fully charge in about 5 hours. Not the quickest but great if you need AA while on the go! They have a built in charger so […]

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Here, have some free phone notification sounds

So my S4 was a bit limited on the notification sounds. I wanted something louder. Something distinct. Something that made it clear if a notification was from one app or another, or a text came from one person or another. Being that I make mobile games, I have some sound effect rejects that I’ve packaged […]

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