03 Dec 2014

An angularJs concept about ionic

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Since I forget stuff…

It’s worth noting that when a template is rendered, the ng tags are processed at that time.

For example, if you want to use ng-model inside of an ng-repeat:

This does not work:

<input type=“text” ng-model=“settingObject.{{valueName}}”>

But this does:

<input type="text" ng-model="settingObject[valueName]">

This is an important concept because how certain element directives are processed have an impact on the resulting solution.

14 Nov 2014

My alternative to Net Neutrality–the municipal switched network

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There’s a lot of debate about Net Neutrality and many reasons for and against it. For that information, look elsewhere.  There’s a reason there’s a debate, of course. I would like to offer an outside the box alternative. This doesn’t have to be an either / or choice.  Let’s change the rules, not the rule makers.

What I’d like to share with the Internet is an alternative plan based around the OSI model.

In my model cities, towns, and counties build out switched networks to the curb. One of the challenges with competition is the physical space of where cables where be buried.  If one connection is already there, burying a second becomes very risky.

So, to address this, the municipal entity puts one in place.

In large data centers, they have what they call “meet me” rooms. Meet Me rooms are where the network within the datacenter actually connects to telephone companies, cable companies, and other ISPs.

In my model, each municipal would have a “meet me” location. Town hall. A school. A court house. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that the network congregates to that location.

When the network is build, a shared high speed connection is created for the community and connected to the network, bringing the network online.

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10 Nov 2014

Windows and the set in stone Unidentified Network

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Microsoft, in their infinite “wisdom” makes networks without reachable gateways “unidentified” and it won’t let you change it.

Simple enough – just set the default gateway on the interface to a reachable IP that windows can ping.

Bang – solved.