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A cool way to localize your Android app

Dream Player from is a Android only audio book player that we released yesterday. If you’ve not tried it, please give it a whirl!  One thing I really wanted to do with this application was to localize it as broadly as I could. English, however, is the only language I know. All the space […]

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Apps Shouldn’t Collect Unnecessary Data & Share it with 3rd Parties.

If you missed it, the fact that some app developers gather unique information about you and sell it is becoming a pretty big deal. In fact, someone it making a federal case out of it.  How much fun is this? Especially after we learned that Verizon customers were part of the hoard of people exposed […]

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Talk about a slow news day…

Today’s news scroll just feels soft to me.  There are iPhone rumors, developers griping about Android “fragmentation”, and Google ponying up almost $1 Billion in a bid for Nortel’s patent portfolio. As far as the iPhone 5 goes, it’s coming. We all know it’s coming. It’s going to be for sale at some point before […]

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